Dominate Every Game & Peak For The Playoffs With Best Hockey Season Ever!


The 6 Secrets of In-Season Success: Why On-Ice Ability Is Only A Small Part of The Hockey Performance Puzzle

By Kim McCullough, Player Development Expert, Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist
& Author of Best Hockey Season Ever

Secret #1:  Your “Mental” Game Is As Important As Your “Physical” Game
Hockey is 80% mental and 20% physical so you need to improve your “mental” game if you want to take your “physical” game to the next level. By developing laser-like focus, great composure under pressure and tremendous self-confidence, your performance potential will skyrocket.

Secret #2: Your On-Ice Performance Is Only As Good As Your Off-Ice Fuel
Think of players as high-performance automobiles and food as the fuel that drives their performance. To guarantee peak performance each time you hit the ice, you need to take in premium fuel.

Secret #3: How You Prepare Before The Game Determines How Your Perform In The Game
While many players do an off-ice warm-up, most of them are not getting the most out of their pre-game routine.  To ensure that you come flying out of the gate in the first period, you must do an off-ice warm-up that mimics the movements and intensity you use on the ice.

Secret #4: You Can’t Be In The Best Shape In The League If You Use Skating As Punishment
“Bag skating” players at the end of practice is not an effective way of increasing hockey performance. Your on-ice conditioning sessions must be as well planned as your on-ice skill sessions if you want to play as well in the 2nd overtime as you did in the 2nd period.

Secret #5: You Can Get Stronger & Faster In-Season Without Going To The Gym
Everyone you play against is committed to training hard on the ice.  By training off-ice for 30 minutes two times a week, you can leave the competition in your dust come playoff time.

Secret #6: Your Post-Game Routine Is More Critical Than Your Pre-Game Routine
The first 30 minutes after you get off the ice are critical to starting the recovery process that will get you ready for the next session. Completing a recovery routine after each on-ice session can be the difference between having a mediocre year and having your best season ever.

Get ready to discover the in-season hockey training system that will help you dominate double-overtime, challenge for the championship, and have your best season ever, and then make your choice below.

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